شاشه ضد الكسر

All the secrets of the game Babgi and all tricks and how to be the first competitors Part II +download free

شاشه ضد الكسر

What are game maps?
The game contains many maps and secrets of the game PUBG to be aware of all the features of these games of advantages and the most important things are the map of the game or maps available to you here are four main maps of this game:

Map of Erangel which represents Russia.
Map of Miramar which represents the map of sand in Central America (America and Mexico).
Map of Vikendi which is a snow map in Europe.
Map of Sanhok which represents forests in Southeast Asia.
Erangel – Erangel

Map of Erangel in the game PUBG Peggy
Erangel is the basic map of the game Babbi, a map of 8 km by 8 km in which a small group of buildings, and the distance between the cities or main places requires a car or vehicle to move between areas, Erangel map is characterized by variant weather sometimes affects the vision and needs a change in tactics To be able to play better.

شاشه ضد الكسر

The cities and military bases in the game have a lot of important loot, and do not forget as we advised above that you are not alone in thinking of stealing or loot these things. The map is a combination of urban areas and vast open agricultural lands that help to make a wide range of battles that start from violent fighting From close distances in the streets and buildings to long-range sniper competitions that take place across wheat fields.

The weapons are characterized by the Erangel map

Arms map of Erangel in Peggy

Map of Miramar in Peggy
The Miramar map offers unique terraces, urban areas full of buildings, with a south-eastern island home to a prison and smaller villages. The entire area is cut off from the west and north-east with large canyons and mountains, and metal walls looming to the north. Miramar is a new team fighting experience where old strategies from Erangel may not work yet and you need new tactics to be able to play hard.

The weapons are characteristic of the Miramar map

Arms Miramar map in Peugeot

Map of Vikendi in Peugeot
Vikendi is the fourth map of the game of Peggy, a 6-by-6 island on the Adriatic Sea surrounded by dense forest, snow and another part of the island is the warm Mediterranean coast and the snowy mountains of the central region of the map.

Sanhok – Sanhok

Map of Sanhok in Pepe
Sanhok Sanhok The first map made by PUBG’s technical team visited a site dedicated to the development of world art. By visiting the jungles and mountains of one of the Asian countries, this made them not only imagine what the new map would play, but they felt the breeze blowing the air and hearing voices. Helping the team create a unique mapping experience.

This map represents a wide range of islands in Thailand, Philippines and PUBG Art, one of the most difficult maps in the game and requires professional access to play with people.

The weapons that characterize the Sanhok map

Weapons map of Sanhok in Peugeot
What are the best geographical places to get into the PUBG game for iPhone and Android?
When you get off the plane by airship and start looking for a place to take off you may wonder what are the best places or places to get in this game to get more and more resources and weapons, after the diligence of some players have been clarified the best places in the map and get down is considered distinctive and better than other places Strategy and contain the largest number of weapons and to be able to apply some of the tips and tricks and secrets of the game PUBG Peugeot for iPhone and Android.

Going down in Military Base is the best way to get the best Loot and unfortunately it always has the most players. If you’re going there you’ll be hit by bullets right away, so get ready for the challenge to get the weapons, but I advise you to be there as soon as possible and be one of the first to arrive. Great location.
Get down in Mylta Power from the best places and loot it is distinctive It contains strong and rare weapons especially the main green building and stores, used cars to get to this place is the best choice for it.
Get off at Small Mylta Power This place comes south of Mylta Power, a factory with high-quality loot but in very few numbers.
Getting down at School and Hospital is the most crowded of players and contains large amounts of loot but it is medium level and as it is a permanent destination for players, especially as it is easy to access you are on a date of heavy shots.
Getting down in Georgopol Crates The large crates in the north of the mountains and south of the river contain warehouses with a large number of high-quality loots, which are often highly competitive and usually try to reach them by plane and make sure to ride above the crates to get the best resources. Remember that you will be hit and shot.
Getting down in Prison, Mansion, and Bunker These three places are huge enough space for a full period of fighting and are highly contested by players when they start the journey and they have several ways to reach them safely.
Large towns such as Novoreponye, ​​Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk and Severny are all good places to go down and have great loot but are dangerous places. To get the loot look for warehouses, cafes and restaurants (glass-roofed buildings) The churches with high monuments contain the best lute.
Place the resources in PUBG PUBG game
Red: Where is the best loot.
Yellow: The locality of the loot is average and not the intensity of the first.
Blue: The weakest places for a loot is not comparable to the first and last.
Pistol mark: where the best weapons are located.
Ship mark: where ships and marine places are located.

Vehicle Location: The location of cars and motorcycles.
Tag Jaraj: Places of Stores.
Map of PUBG Resources
Map Resources Places in the game of Peugeot Source: Shatter NL’s
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I hope you will be amazed by these secrets.

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شاشه ضد الكسر

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