Get ready for a new story! Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters
New enemies! New planets! And a million of weapons! All this you will not
find in a world
Borderlands 3
the crazy
If and as announced since last week it has revealed 2
K and studio
The date of launch of their upcoming game
Borderlands 3
Through a teaser presentation of the style of play
Next to the detection
Special versions that will be available for the game via,

PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC exclusively through the Epic Digital Shop for 6 months. The

game will be released on September 13 of this year 2019. Make your way through new

worlds and face fierce enemies like one of the four Vault Hunters

بروجيكتور مستعمل

The treasure hunters in the Borderlands, each with a special skill tree, unique

abilities and various options, play alone or join with your friends where you can face

fierce enemies, collect booty and save your city from peril from the most dangerous

galaxy threat.

More information about the story, characters, gear and everything related to Borderlands

3 will be revealed on May 1st by a live broadcast which will review the style of play

and reveal more details .. Also, as we published in a previous story today

The game will get 4 copies is the normal version and the deluxe and Super Deluxe and

finally the copy of the compilers or Collector Adish and you can see the content of each

copy through the following link and you can see the cover image of all copies below ..

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