Shock to the lovers of his game Babbai

A developer and innovator of the PUBG game abandons the game and ideas

of the Royal Patel and moves with a new team to search for new ideas that can or connect players to each other differently from the style of the Patel Royal ..

Do you need Albatel Royal games, the second part is issued every year? I think the answer is no, because the trend now is to use the games as an updated service for several years and this is what happens with the current games Alba TAL Royal, including PUBG game, which gets updates and additions

Which would make it last for several years. This prompted the spiritual father of the game known as Player Unknown or Brendan Green to give up the game support game orientation with a new team starting to build it to work on a new game project in a different style of games

According to Brendan’s remarks, his new project will also focus on online but in a different way than PUBG. Brendan refused to disclose any details about his new law, but this is not because he does not want to talk about him, but because the project has not yet been formed and is still in the process of creating ideas and team formation.